What motivates people to be charitable? By: Russell Clark

One of the great mysteries of human nature, is why some people can spend a lifetime accumulating massive wealth (often, but not always, by exploiting the under privileged) and then give it all away to charities. Sometimes they even create their own charitable trust, which they manage like a business, for giving away their money. Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation, would be good examples of this.

Vehicle Donation - Help Yourself and Others by C. L. Hendricks

Vehicle donation: What is it and why would anyone considering donating a car or truck? Well, all of us have been there, at one time or another. An old car just isn't doing it for us any more. It might be broken down, or have body damage, or we've just decided to get a newer car and the dealer didn't want it in trade. Also, with rising gas prices, more and more people are switching to public transportation.